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Congratulations Graduates!

Graduation is always an important achievement, but graduation during a pandemic is particularly impressive. This year, because we were unable to offer our usual large formal graduation ceremony, we instead chose to honour each of our graduates with an individual ceremony at the location of their choice! Each ceremony was unique and reflected the personality of the graduate. We, the PLLC staff, felt very privileged to be able to do this and it is something that we won’t soon forget. These graduates are also invited to attend next year’s grad ceremony. We offer a big congratulations to all of our 2020 grads, a small but mighty bunch. They all worked very hard and persevered to reach their goal!

Congratulations grads:
Kiandra Boese
Karisten Finlayson
Jonah Kleinsasser
Grant McDonald
Felicia Oke
Shania Richard
Jennifer Waldner

Watch our 2020 PLLC Grad video here: