Adult Education

High School for Adults

The Adult Learning program is a structured classroom credit program for individuals who would like to obtain their Mature Grade 12 Diploma or require specific courses to apply to a post-secondary institution.

In order to register for high school courses at the Centre, you will need to be out of school for 6 months or more and be at least 19 years old, or will reach the age of 19 before the completion of the courses in which you are enrolled. Before starting classes, you will complete an initial assessment to determine your current Math and English levels.

Mature Grade 12 High School Diploma

The Mature Grade 12 is an eight credit diploma program. Four of the credits are at a 40 level (grade 12) with Math and English mandatory. The other four credits can be at the 10 to 40 level (grade 9 to 12).

There is potential to transfer credits from past academic years, depending on the course, the province in which it was completed, and the year in which they were completed.

Below is the list of individual credits for the program.



Individual Credit Listing:

25S Career Development
25S Keyboarding
25S Essential Math I
25S Essential Math 2
20F Science
20F English
30S Application Software

45S Essential Math V
45S Essential Math VI
41G Community Service Credit
40S First Nation, Inuit, Metis
40S Essential Math
40S Human Relations
40S Biology
40S English (Comp.)
40S Family Studies
40S Law
40S Global Issues

*The courses below may be offered with enough interest.

20S Introduction to Applied Math and Pre-Cal
30S Biology
30S Physics
30S Chemistry

Upgrading/Individual Credits

Individuals who have completed their grade 12 but require certain courses in order to apply for post-secondary, or who require a higher mark in that course, are able to register for those individual courses. Individuals are able to complete up to four courses after the completion of a grade 12 diploma at the school fee cost. After the four, there is an additional cost per course.

For individuals that are employed full-time or do shift work, we have evening classes available on Tuesdays.

Central Manitoba Literacy Program

The Adult Literacy program is a self-paced program that assists individuals to improve in their numeracy, writing/reading and computer skills. Each topic is divided into three different stages.

Individuals who enroll in the program are working toward a variety of different personal goals. Some goals are to attend Red River College, gain more confidence in reading or to obtain better employment opportunities. Individuals whose goal is to obtain their Mature Grade 12 diploma are able to obtain 2 credits when they have completed the 3rd stage in the English program.

The focus of the program is based on the nine essential skills. The nine essentials skills are:
•    Reading text
•    Document use
•    Oral Communication
•    Writing
•    Numeracy
•    Working with others
•    Thinking skills
•    Continuous learning
•    Computer use

On-site Daycare

The Portage Learning and Literacy Centre offers an on-site daycare for our students with children needing this service while attending classes at our Centre.